Smart Meters Kelowna
About Us
The SMART METER KELOWNA group is a loosly organized group of residents and citizens that are VERY concerned about the installation of the WIRELESS SMART METERS in BC and in the OKANAGAN valley specifically.
You be the judge
There are a great many studies world wide that indicate serious health effects to people.

These studies are dismissed vigerously by the Federal and Provinical governments and by FORTIS BC and BC HYDRO.

The Wireless Smart Meters communicate using radio transmitters to send and receive information relating to customer electric power usage.

Wireless Smart Meters may be HACKED.

Your electricity service may be effected, even turned off by a HACKER or by some other process.
We implore you to review all of the evidence and make up your own mind.

SMART METERS KELOWNA will hopefully provide you with all of the informion that you may require to make your decision.

Go to LINKS and start browsing the listed sites.

Do a web SEARCH and see what is available.

Warning: There are many sites that are saying that Wireless Smart Meters are not a problem.

You be the Judge.