Wireless Smart Meters are BAD
Open letter to UBC-Okanagan Student Union Council
On behalf of your entire student union membership, please take a moment to consider the following - all of which is supported by independent science-based studies from non-industry scientists around the world:

iPhones should not be held closer than 5/8" from the head ... or any part of the body (see the owner's manual)!

Blackberrys should not be held closer than 15/16" from the head ... or any part of the body (again, see the owner's manual)!

Marconi says not to point its cell phones at any part of the body (as above)!

Cell phones should never be worn on the body, ie., in a shirt, pants or jacket pocket.
Laptops should never be operated on the lap.

Cancers of the head - due to extensive cell phone use - have increased 50% in the ten-year period 1999-2009!

Your chance of getting cancer of the head by using a cordless phone for 10 years increases by up to 470%!
Cordless phones are NEVER off - they pulse day and night 24/7/365 even when they're placed back in their cradle at the end of a conversation?

UBC-O has a toxic radiating cell phone tower right smack in the middle of your campus - meaning that you and every other student, every member of faculty and staff are being irradiated with pulsed, millisecond bursts of microwave radiation 24/7/365?

Independent scientists say you should not live within 400-500 meters from a cell phone tower!
Every person - and every living thing - within a radius of approximately 20 miles of that transmitter is being radiated 24/7/365!

The frequencies with which you are being radiated are in the same general frequency band as your microwave oven!

In May of 2011, the World Health Organization classified those emissions a 2B ("Possible") carcinogen?
In 2002, the same World Health Organization classified ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation from house wiring, electrical appliances etc. to also be a Class 2B ("Possible") carcinogen.

The latency period for cancers resulting from these radiations is in excess of 10 years?

Health Canada establishes the "Exposure Limit" (signal strength) that wireless communications devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, Smart phones, laptops, tablets, iPhones, baby monitors, GPS satellites, Bluetooth, home security systems, etc. are permitted to radiate.

Health Canada's boasts - as can be seen on their website - that Canada has "one of the safest guidelines in the world?

In reality, Canada's "Guidelines" are one of the poorest/most dangerous in the world, as they protect only against thermal effects of micorwave radiation, while ignoring the non-thermal, biological effects of EMR

Austria has the safest guidelines in the world - which are an astonishing 10,000 times lower/safer than Canada's?

The BioInitiave Report 2007, which increasingly is being recognized as the most authoritative, independent assessment of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, urges all countries of the world to immediately adopt guidelines which are 10,000 times lower/safer than Canada's present 1000 uW/cm2?

My name is Jerry Flynn, and I'm a retired Canadian Armed Forces Captain who spent better than 22 of my 26 years in the military in the arcane fields of Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Radio Warfare. My most significant relevant postings in the military included two years as the Executive Officer and Operations Officer of one of Canada's most sensitive wireless radio stations, at which I directly employed more than 200 specially-trained radio operators and technicians. Following that I spent two years in National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa, in the Directorate of Electronic Warfare where I worked with Canada's and NATO army electronic warfare units.

Because governments and the telecom industry everywhere are concealing the truth about the very real dangers of pulsed millisecond-long bursts of microwave radiation from the public, I have come out of retirement to do my best to enlighten the public of what non-industry funded scientists say is: "The biggest single threat to human health in the 21st century."

I do not charge for my speaking engagements, which have included twice now at Kelowna's Rotary Centre for the Arts, Olliver, Peachland, WestBank and Cherryville. I would be happy to meet with your union executive, with a view to ultimately speaking to your membership at large. Yours is the generation that will suffer the most ... and your children. I have prepared my own PowerPoint presentation in which I explain the subject matter clearly in layman's language. Thank you for your time.

Jerry Flynn
(250) 451-9609