Wireless Smart Meters are
Health Canada - Health Risks
"Survey results have shown that smart meters transmit data in short bursts, and when not transmitting data, the smart meter does not emit RF energy. Furthermore, indoor and outdoor survey measurements of RF energy from smart meters during transmission bursts were found to be far below the human exposure limits specified in Health Canada's Safety Code 6."
- some Wireless Smart Meters are transmitting frequently - some configurations transmit 2 x per second

- Safety Code 6 has been shown to be a very old standard is has been shown to be much worse than many others
Safety Code 6 treats living tissue like a beef steak and only tests the temperature increase in the body. To many, Safety Code 6 is not valid and may be 10,000 times too high.

SAFETY CODE 6 does not consider the effects of pulsed microwave radiation on living tissue such as the brain, nervous system, etc.
EMF Hygiene: How to Minimize Health Risks From Wireless Devices
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