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News Release - Mayor Gray Conflict of Interest
For Immediate Release

Jerry Flynn of Kelowna has filed a request with BC Ombudsperson to investigate KELOWNA MAYOR FOR POSSIBLE CONFLICT OF INTEREST OVER UTILITY SALE

KELOWNA, B.C.— DEC. 6, 2012 —

Note - The request for investigation has been filed Dec 6, 2012. This investigation may be rejected or may be accepted by the BC Ombudsperson.

The complainant, former Canadian Armed Forces officer of electronic warfare Jerry
Flynn, a FortisBC customer, says Gray’s previous term on the board of directors of FortisBC
creates a conflict of interest. The controversial $55-million sale of the City of Kelowna’s onethird
stake in the utility will go into FortisBC shares should the sell-off be approved. Flynn also
cites as a conflict of interest Gray’s prior selection to former Premier Gordon Campbell’s Task
Force on Homelessness, Mental Illness and Addiction in 2004 (Campbell brought in the B.C.
Clean Energy Act in 2010, which requires utilities to implement smart meters), as well as Grey’s
directorship on the boards of BC Transit and the BC Lottery Corp.

“The above leaves me to conclude that Mayor Walter Gray is in an obvious conflict of
interest situation with respect to any and all business dealings the City undertakes with FortisBC
regarding smart meters, meshed-grid networks, and the sale of Kelowna’s 1/3 owned electric
utility to Fortis BC,” said Flynn in his complaint.
Having Kelowna’s stake in FortisBC eliminated by this controversial sale ultimately
removes the City’s ability to have a say in how FortisBC carries out its clean energy initiatives,
leaving Kelowna taxpayers at the mercy of a utility company that plans to introduce harmful
microwave transmitters on every home in Kelowna by 2015.

“This whole new, unprecedented, insane experiment facing us now, in which wireless
smart meters in a meshed-grid network are being literally forced upon us—an unsuspecting and
utterly defenseless public— which will see all of us (the public) irradiated by incalculable
amounts of millisecond-long pulses of toxic microwave radiation 24/7/365 in perpetuity is both
criminal and cruel beyond belief!” said Flynn about FortisBC’s Advanced Metering
Infrastructure (AMI) project.

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